About 9PM Lane County

#9PMLANECOUNTY is the #9PMROUTINE for Lane County, Oregon.  The 9PM Routine was started in Pasco County Florida by the Sheriff’s department  as a way to remind citizens to lock up at night.  In a year’s time, there was a noticeable drop in property theft crimes (about 30%) that was attributed to the lock up reminders.

The idea was presented to the Creswell city council by University of Oregon students doing a project. The project team’s summary included a recommendation to begin the #9PMROUTINE in Creswell as an opportunity to expand its social media outreach and to engage citizens. The council suggested  that this could be taken on by the local Neighborhood Watch group.   The idea was then expanded to include the entire county.

Participating Facebook Groups :

  • Creswell Neighborhood Watch
  • Fern Ridge Neighborhood Watch
  • Lane County Mugshots

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